Window Glass Options You May Not Know About

Buying new windows is not a fun job. As a matter of fact, most homeowners would rather do just about anything else besides buy windows. Windows, however, are a really important part of your home. They keep out the cold and heat, they protect your furniture from the sun, they allow you to enjoy the views around your house, and they bring light into your home. So while not a fun task, it should be taken seriously. Today’s windows come with plenty of options, so you can get the perfect window for your home, and even windows made for specific rooms and conditions. Here are some cool new window glass features that may make buying windows more interesting.

Multi-pane Windows

Single pane windows are long outdated. They may be fine for mild climates, but for southeast Michigan, our weather is variable enough that all homes can benefit from windows with multi-pane glass. Double-pane windows have a sealed air space between the layers of glass. This helps to reduce heat loss. For even better heat retention in your home, you may want to consider triple-pane windows. Like double-pane windows, triple-pane windows have inert gas between the glass layers. This gas reduces heat loss and can help you save money on your heating bill. In some cases, a triple-pane window can save you as much as 3% on your heating bills.

Low-E Glass

Once you’ve decided between double and triple pane windows, you need to decide if you want to further reduce heat loss in your home with “low-E” glass. Low-E glass is treated with a very thin layer of metal on the surface of the glass. This layer of metal is nearly invisible and doesn’t impact the way light moves through the glass. Its sole purpose is to help keep heat from transferring out of the glass, keeping more heat and cool inside your house. Of course, this feature does add some additional cost to your new windows, but over time, it will pay for itself through savings on your heating bill.


Window tinting is no longer reserved for commercial buildings or cars. Windows in your home can also benefit from tinting. You may want to add window tinting to windows that are south facing or get a lot of direct sunlight. Tinting will give your rooms a little shade, keep spaces cooler, and protect your upholstery from fading. Tinting can also be helpful in keeping your summertime cooling costs low. Tinting may also provide you extra privacy for windows that face the street.

Self-Cleaning Glass

This isn’t quite how it sounds. Self-cleaning glass doesn’t have wipers or dispensers for cleaning solution. Like low-E glass, self-cleaning windows are coated with a nearly invisible layer of titanium dioxide. A common ingredient of artist paints, titanium dioxide changes the way water behaves on your windows. During heavy precipitation events, water drops on self-cleaning windows will cling to each other, creating a sheet of water, instead of individual droplets. This allows the water to collect dirt and grime as it travels down the window, washing it away, leaving windows fairly clean.

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As glass technology improves and changes, homeowners will have more and more options for glass and window features. Martino Home Improvements is here to help homeowners select the right windows and glass for their homes. If your home needs new windows, let us help you find the perfect combination of features. To schedule an estimate, or to learn more about our home improvement services, call us today at (248) 629-9260.

Wind and Your Roof

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If you need a bid for your home’s concrete repair project, include Martino Home Improvements on your list of contractors. We promise fair pricing, quality products, and great customer service. To schedule an estimate for your concrete project or learn more about our home improvement services, please call us at (248) 629-9260 or use our handy online contact form.

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Did you realize that one of the largest expenses for homeowners is energy costs? Between heating and cooling our homes, making hot water, lights, and running all of the electronic devices in our homes, we spend a lot of money on electricity and natural gas. Over time, as our home ages, the cost of heating and cooling our home and even running our hot water heaters can increase. The increase may not be substantial enough to notice month to month, but over time, it can make a big jump. Here is how energy is consumed in our homes, and how you can reduce these costs, saving you a bunch of money each year.

The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding

As your southeast Michigan home improvement experts, we think that it is important that you have all of the right information about the products that you are considering for your home. Whether you are shopping for new windows, residing your home, or need an upgrade to your home’s existing insulation, you should be making an educated and informed decision before you settle on a product. When it comes to having new siding installed on your home, this education process is very important. There are a variety of options that you can choose from, and it is important that you know the pros and cons of each, so that you can make the right choice for your home. Here are some things that you should know about our preference, vinyl siding.

Replacing Single Pane Windows in Historic Homes

If you own one of the Detroit area historical homes, you know how important it is to restore it and maintain it in a manner that keeps it as close to original as possible. Many historic homeowners think that this means that they are stuck with inefficient, single pane, wood windows. While original windows are great, they also contribute to historic homes feeling drafty and cold in the winter and warm and uncomfortable in the summer. Even if your home has new heating and cooling, you may find that you are spending a lot to heat or cool your historic home, just because of the original windows. If you are considering new windows for your historic home, here’s some helpful information.

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We know that our customers have plenty of choices when it comes to the materials they choose for their home’s hardscapes. When you need to replace or install a hardscape for your Madison Heights home, you probably are looking for a material that is easy to care for, durable, and will last a long time. For a great product that meets all of these requirements, we think that concrete is your best option. Here are four reasons why concrete is the perfect choice for all of your home’s hardscape needs.

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Protecting Your Gutters from Snow

Your gutters are a critical feature of your home’s exterior. They move water away from your roof, walls and foundation, yet many homeowners don’t even take the time to do proper regular maintenance on their gutters. Neglecting your home’s gutters can cause big problems for the rest of your home, so it’s important to take the time to give them the proper care and maintenance. With winter right around the corner, now is a good time to think about your gutters and the steps you can take to protect them and your home from the snow that will soon be flying.

Keeping Warm This Winter – Essential Home Improvements

There is nothing that makes a Michigan winter seem worse than it is, than a drafty house. You should be able to come home from work to a cozy and warm home, that isn’t drafty and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg in heating costs. Southeast Michigan homeowners need to make essential home improvements now, to get ready for the winter. Here are some home improvements that will keep your home warm and inviting and your utility bills low.

Wildlife and Your Siding

Even if you live in town, animals can wreak havoc on your home. One of the most frequently attacked features of homes is wood siding. Older wood siding is a perfect home and food source for all sorts of animals and insects. The problem with wildlife damage to your siding isn’t just that it makes your home’s exterior look bad, but wildlife can cause other damages to your home. When wildlife starts to damage your siding, it’s time to consider replacing your old, wood siding with new, low maintenance vinyl siding.

Protecting Your New Concrete from Snow and Ice

Having new concrete installed around your home is a big investment. You’ve likely spent a good chunk of money having Martino Home Improvements give you a new driveway, sidewalk, or patio, so caring properly for your concrete is the first step to making this major investment last. With winter officially here, many of our customers call us asking how they should care for their new concrete. Things like shovels, deicers, and even just snow and ice can really cause big problems for concrete, even new concrete. Here are some handy tips to help you care for your new concrete surfaces from Martino Home Improvements.

Selecting the Perfect Siding Color

So, you’ve decided to have Martino Home Improvements replace your worn-out siding. You’ve made a great decision for the look and protection of your home. Vinyl siding is a great feature for any southeast Michigan home. It’s durable, long lasting, and is a great fit for any style of home, whether modern or one of our community’s beautiful historic homes. Deciding on new siding was an easy choice. Selecting the color of your new siding is often not an easy choice. Here are some things to consider as you are selecting the color of your new exterior siding.

The Truth About Leaky Roofs

Roof leaks are a big deal. Many southeast Michigan homeowners try to ignore the signs of a leaky roof, and eventually end up with a big repair problem that started out as an easy-to-fix repair. One of the worst things you can do for your home is to wait on roof repairs. Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, so ignoring or putting off roof repairs can be a costly mistake. Before you decide to skip repairing a small roof leak, you should know all the facts about repairs and the consequences of ignoring your leak.

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