A concrete driveway by Martino Home Improvements featuring aggregate trim and aggregate sidewalk.

Add some curb appeal to your home and increase its value!

A finished residential concrete driveway by Martino Home Improvements
This finished concrete driveway adds a fresh look to this house in Oakland County, Michigan.

A new concrete driveway is the perfect way to transform your home’s appearance – after all, your driveway gives the first impression of your home.

Here at Martino Home Improvements, our concrete specialists will improve the value and appeal of your home or business with a variety of concrete and cement styles and colors including stamped and aggregate concrete. Whether you are looking to repair your existing concrete driveway or add a new, updated and refreshing look to your front entryway, we can help fulfill all of your home improvement expectations.

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Your driveway should make a great first impression!

Concrete driveways are one of the first design elements someone sees when they pull up to your home. For some residences or businesses, it may be the ONLY thing they see first. Making a good first impression is essential, especially if you are planning on selling your home or having it appraised. The days of getting away with a plain, gray concrete driveway (that may be cracked and crumbling!) are long over. Modern concrete driveways can incorporate many design options – from stone or brick appearances to a variety of color choice combinations.

Martino installs a concrete driveway in Northville, Michigan:

Your concrete driveway – and patio – as art

Some people enjoy their concrete driveway so much they design their home to have their windows overlooking the beauty of the finishing product. A concrete driveway offers a home improvement opportunity to change the entire look of your property.

Decorative stamped concrete patio by Martino Home Improvements
This beautiful stamped concrete patio continues off of the driveway and creates an oasis for the homeowners.

Here in Michigan, lake life is a part of so many of our lives. Whether you have a home or cottage, installing a decorative concrete driveway for your beach home can add appeal and value. Stamped and colored concrete with large replicated grout lines resemble and replicate large stones being placed in the driveway. This is a great look that can be achieved by adding a gray or brown color during the concrete pouring process and before the stamping takes place.

Concrete driveway design ideas

We’ve gathered just a few design and color choices that Martino Home Improvements offers to match up with your home’s style and design.

Brick-styled stamped concrete driveway and patio
Martino Home Improvements can design a brick-styled stamped concrete driveway and patio, a beautiful accent to rustic houses, farm houses, or anyone looking to add some old world charm to their driveway.

Rustic brick or stone stamped concrete: For farmhouse-styled and rustic designs in new and existing construction, an antique brick or stone look is a great option for your concrete driveway. The old-fashioned look of brick and stone gives off the feeling of country appeal, but still offers the long lasting life of a concrete driveway. Colors in red, brown or burgundy brick or stately gray stone are perfect for this type of home entryway.

For Victorian-styled homes, replicating the classic style of stone or brick pavers is also quite nice. Colors can be implemented to match the authentic hues of the exterior of the home. Deep purples as well as pastel pinks and browns are some subtleties that can be added to accentuate and showcase the home’s color accents and structure.

Concrete driveway border design by Martino Home Improvements
This stained concrete border with aggregate mix driveway and front walkway design by Martino Home Improvements adds real curb appeal to this home in Macomb County, Michigan.

Concrete borders and accents: The architectural masterpiece of a bungalow or craftsman style home should be accentuated and not covered up. A stunning concrete driveway that brings out the design elements of this style of home will draw the eye in to the front of the home. Stenciled borders offering designs combined with colored hues will make the concrete driveway appear original and innovative – just like the style of the home. Simple stain borders or aggregate borders bring just enough accent to your driveways and walkways to make your entire property “pop”! Whatever your style, Martino Home Improvements works with you to find the best look for your outdoor parking zones.

Basic concrete driveways – clean and simple: Concrete driveways can also embody a simple design. A basic poured concrete driveway can accompany any home nicely. Keeping to original and authentic design elements allow home and business owners to be able to have a functional driveway for ample parking, projects and sporting activities while protecting their vehicles from dirt, stone and mud.

Simple cement driveway and walky by Martino Home Improvements
The simple, clean look of a standard concrete driveway by Martino Home Improvements.

We will help to pull together a home improvement design that will be a functional asset to your entire family as well as be a decorative accent to your home for years to come.