This is a job we just finished in Detroit.  The customer had us tear out and replace their concrete driveway and sidewalk, and then pour new concrete steps leading up to their porch.  Once we were finished with that job, they had us come out again and replace all of their wooden soffits with vinyl soffits.

Concrete Sidewalk Before

Detroit Michigan Concrete Sidewalk Before

Concrete Tear Out and Framing

The old concrete is torn out and wood framing is added for the new concrete to be poured in.

Detroit Michigan Concrete Sidewalk Torn Out

Concrete Sidewalk and Driveway Poured and Drying

Before Pic of the Wooden Soffits

Technically this is the underside of the roofing, as you can see the roofing nails coming through.

Detroit Michigan Soffit Replacement Before

Installation of the Vinyl Soffits

A wooden frame was added to attach the soffit to, with more structure near the inside of the peak.   From here, we started attaching the soffit.

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