Southern Michigan Families Trust Martino
For All Their Remodeling Needs…
And Have For 30 Years.

Our ‘Do-It-Right-The-First-Time’ Attitude Means
No Surprises, No Re-Work, And No Delays.



We Are The Preferred Contractors For The Two Largest “Big Box” Home Improvement Retailers.

We Have The Best
In The Industry.

We Re-Inspect Our Work—
EVERY OTHER YEAR. If A Problem Has Developed,

We Are Not Just A Company,
We Are A 3 Generation Legacy
A Company You Can Rely On To Be Here For You.

Martino: Large Enough To Trust,


We’re Small Enough To Sweat The Details…
Big Enough To Tackle Any Job.

We Don’t Just Claim To Care About Customers… We Prove It By Re-Inspecting Our Work Every 2 Years.

The reality is that there are only three types of companies in this industry; the small, medium, and large.

The small company is usually that one-man “chuck-in-a-truck” who might do well with a small repair or remodel, but simply cannot handle larger projects because he does not have the manpower or the resources. These are the guys that usually run out and hire unskilled day laborers to work on your home; good luck tracking them down when something goes wrong.

Then there are the large “upscale” companies. You know – those high end and high priced companies that cater to “exclusive clients.” The reality of these companies is that about the only thing exclusive is their prices. Most of the time these large companies have even larger overheads and they past those increased costs to the customer. Good luck getting them to do anything “affordably.”

Then there is us: we are the company that the two largest “big box” home remodeling retailers call to do their installs because we are the perfect sized company to get the job done professionally, perfectly, and affordably… It’s the same reason why over 10,000 families have trusted us with their homes in Southern Michigan and why you can to.

At Martino, Were Big Enough To Get The Job
Done Right, And Small Enough To Care.