At Martino Home Improvements, we pride ourselves on quality work and making sure the customer is 100% satisfied when we complete their project. Because of this, we receive a lot of feedback on Google, Facebook and other review sources.

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Google Reviews

Martino Home Improvement was exceptional! From the beginning to the end of the process, I was very impressed with the quality and professionalism of the crew. The owner of the company also took great care to make sure we were happy the whole way through! I’ve never experienced this with other companies! I would highly recommend this company for any home improvement needs!!!!

 – David S.

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So glad I went with Martino and not a smaller outfit. The office staff was friendly and accommodating and I got an estimate set up before other companies even called back. Was able to invest more in my roof because they have financing and you NEVER wanna skimp on your roof! This isn’t some guy and his crew. Total professionals even when I was hovering during cleanup. I always seem to get a wheel track in my lawn or a flower bed destroyed, etc. Etc. when I had other work done. Not the case here. Professionals through and through. I’d make an appointment soon, because I know all my neighbors took their info ; ) Looks beautiful, I KNOW this boosted the value of my home.

 – Charles L.

Google Reviews

The crew that came out to place siding on my garage was on time, quick and clean. They left the site clean of debris and managed to work around my wife’s flowers. Very polite and professional. When they left I had two neighbors ask for their phone number because they liked Martino’s work. I would use them again.

 – Kevin T.

Google Reviews

We had an excellent experience with Martino. They were patient, friendly, punctual, and did a great job. Best of all, they are very responsive and immediately answer any questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend them!

 – Mark L.

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I really enjoyed the constant updates and communication when dealing with Martino Home Improvement. Their system and dealing with customers and getting the project done is really effective and made me feel like a valued customer. The project was done very quickly too, and the cleanup was very good.

 – Matthew B.

Google Reviews

Excellent all the way around; the salesman explained everything that was to be done, the timing of it, and pricing, and gave us a written estimate without pressuring us to sign up. We went ahead and approved the plan, and they started the ordering process right away. Materials came in as expected, and the work was completed in a timely manner. The roofing crew and project manager was very nice, and did a great job with clean up, and then the gutter guards were installed a few days later by a very nice gentleman. It has since rained a few times, no leaks, and the gutters seem to drain well. We had several estimates from different companies; Martino was the only one who actually gave us a written estimate; and though slightly more than some of the others, the overall package was better and included things the others did not. We are quite pleased with our decision and would use Martino again should any other needs (or wants) arise in the future. Great job!

 – Sara C.

Google Reviews

Very hardworking and accommodating, fulfilling all requested work. Charlie, the siding crew, and the gutter crew were all exceptional. The house looks fantastic! We are very pleased with the final product and the workmanship. We would definitely recommend using Martino.

 – Andrea P.