Living in Michigan, the potential for ice dams is always there. Any time that we get a lot of snow and the temperature starts fluctuating, snow can creep down the roof towards the gutter. Once this happens, the snow and ice will dam itself causing any additional melting snow to add to the dam. The chance of getting an ice dam can be minimized by having a correctly installed roof, but sometimes mother nature can still win.

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If you let an ice dam get bad, it can damage your roof. If you have ice build-up and need it removed, give us a call. We have specialized hardware for removing the ice, using steam to melt it away without any high pressure that can damage your roof like other solutions.

Southeastern Michigan Ice Dam Removal

An ice dam is created when the snow melts toward the edge of the roof, then freezes in the gutter, creating a dam that prevents the rest of the snow from draining.  As more snow melts, the dam gets larger with the potential to cause damage to the roof by backing up under the shingles, breaking seals and leaking into your home.

At Martino Home Improvements, we have specialized equipment that can safely melt the ice without damaging your roof. While other companies use a heated power washer or chemicals, these can both cause damage. Our system uses low-pressure steam, which melts the ice and is safe for roofing shingles, gutters and wood.

If you are in Southeastern Michigan and have an ice dam, call Martino Home Improvements at 248-629-9260. We can come out and safely remove your ice dam before it does any damage to your home.