Martino Home Improvements is a Michigan roofing contractor located in Oakland County that you can trust to complete your roof on a timely basis and offer you the best roofing system for your home. Things to think about when hiring a local home improvement or roofing contractor.

A Roofing Contractor You Can Trust In Oakland County MI

  • Is the company licensed and insured as a roofing company? Why? Because most roofers can’t afford the correct insurance and liability to cover the year, hence lower pricing and greater risk…
  • Does the contractor have a commercial building or professional place of business? Because the roofing contractors that operate out of a garage or truck can only service your roof to an extent. We have an investment in our community and a beautiful building staffed to help you Monday through Saturday with a full service department.
  • Did the roofing company explain the product and materials they are proposing to install on your roof? Why? Because we know in the roofing materials business there is a lot of ways to cut corners to reduce price and those saved dollars will cost you more when a problem happens. We fully discuss our “roofing systems” and materials so you completely understand what’s going on your roof and use premium roofing materials. We don’t cut corners!