Madison Heights, MI

We recently replaced a roof right by us here in Madison Heights. We expected some wood damage, since we did an inspection from inside the attic, but what we found during the tear off was surprising.

The moisture damage actually ate a hole right through the roof’s wood decking, with mold stains running throughout the board. While water damage can damage the roofing, the real damage can be done by mold in the attic or walls and to the interior of your home if it gets bad enough.

One of the essential items in any building is a roof. The roof protects from the elements, provides insulation, and prevents insects and rodents from entering your home. Your roof should also withstand heavy rain, snow, wind, and heat. If the roof has sustained significant damage, it should be repaired or replaced by a reputable contractor to avoid future complications and costs.

Ways Water Can Damage The Roof

When the roof gets too much moisture, the structural parts of the roof begin to decay. The sheathing should not be wet if you notice large amounts of water coming out of your roofer’s tool. It is an indication that your roof has started to leak, which can be very expensive. If the sheathing becomes wet, look for signs of mold and mildew on the walls or ceiling. Mold and mildew are often caused by a buildup of moisture in the roof.

Unhealthy mold or mildew can cause structural damage to your ceiling, walls, or floors. To prevent damage to your roof, you must ensure proper ventilation and adequate moisture content throughout all parts of the building. You can control these factors by opening doors and windows to allow fresh air and dehumidifier pads to pump out excess moisture after every rainfall. The other risk of improper ventilation is freezing during freezing weather conditions. If there is not enough ventilation, the accumulated water and heat may freeze into expanding ice crystals that can cause a piece of structural roofing to crack or break.

There are many other ways water can damage your roof other than mold and mildew growth. For example, if you notice cracks in the sheathing and the underside of your roof, it is an indicator that the shingles are coming loose. This condition could result in a significant leak, which will be very expensive to repair. If these conditions occur over many years, it can cause mold to develop in your ceiling; this is extremely dangerous as it can result in structural damage.

How Important it is to Replace Your Roof

If your roof is damaged, you will have to replace it as soon as possible. You can avoid many complications if you repair them correctly in the first place. One can do this by maintaining and repairing your roof to prevent a creation. The goal is to avoid major problems before they happen, and that is what you should do if any damage appears on your roof. The roof replacement process is a long one. It may take up to two weeks for your roof replacement to be complete. Michigan roofing contractors will perform a full inspection to determine the damage and repair methods.

The process should start with tearing off all of the old shingles, down to bare wood. From there, we inspect any wood for damage. If a roofing company doesn’t tear the shingles off, then you are leaving your home exposed to any rot or damage that can be lurking under there. Once we know the base of the roof is good, we don’t just install new shingles. We lay down ice & water barrier 6ft thick around the perimeter of the roof and in all the valleys, then cover the remaining wood with synthetic underlayment. We also replace all the drip edge and flashing. We use roofing starter strips underneath the first row of shingles and we use true hip & ridge shingles across the peaks. We don’t just add a new layer of shingles like other companies do, we install a complete roofing system that will last you 30 to 50 years (or more).

The roof is an essential part of your home because it protects it from the elements. If you do not properly maintain and repair your roof, it can damage the integrity of the entire structure. You need to be very careful about this so that you do not have any problems with water damage or other forms of damage to your roof.

If you live in Southeastern Michigan and feel you might have roofing damage, give us a call at 248-629-9260. We will come out and give you a free estimate.