Protect Roof High Winds in St. Clair Shores MI

Although we’re safe from hurricanes in Michigan, we can still get some brutal storm damage from the high winds along Lake St. Clair. It’s important to take proper precaution during high winds in order to preserve your roof. Below are some tips for keeping your roof together through high winds.

Yearly Inspections

Inspecting your roof once a year is important and necessary if you want your roof to last. Look for curled, missing or loose shingles. Specifically check out the edges of the roof as during high winds they can have a ripple effect wrecking the entire roof. If you prefer not to do inspections yourself, you can always hire a professional to check your roof out.

Attic Inspections

If you have access to your attic take advantage of it and inspect your roof from the inside of the attic. Look for light coming through. Light is a sign of gaps that could potentially let wind and water in. Look for protruding nail tips. This is a sign that the plywood roof deck may not be secure against high winds.

Strengthen the Roof

You can apply roofing cement under shingle tabs to secure them on or run construction adhesive along the seam between the rafter and deck for strength. You can also apply roofing cement to the edges of roof where the side shingles are. All of these are ways to secure your shingles in case of high winds.

Get Insured

When all else fails good home owner’s insurance will make up for a damaged roof. Remember to take plenty of pictures immediately after storm damage and to call your insurance company right away to get a roofing insurance claim started. We can work with your insurance company to make sure everything goes smooth. These are just a few ways to protect your roof from harsh winds. However, we don’t recommend doing this right before a major storm. Protect yourself early on so you’re not rushing last minute.

If you have roofing damage from a storm that needs to be repaired, call Martino Home Improvements today. We can work with your insurance company to make this rough time a little easier.