For a lot of homeowners, getting a completely new roof can be a stressful time. You have to meet with contractors, shell out money and then there’s the dreaded day where the work begins and it seems like your house is being torn apart. To help ease your mind, we’re going to go through the process of getting a roof installation so there aren’t any surprises when the day comes.

Michigan Roof Installation1. Break Down

The first stage is tearing the old roofing system off. There will be a lot of debris and it can look scary. It won’t last long. A truck will soon haul the debris away and send it to be recycled. The shingles aren’t the only thing going. Flashings will also be removed.

2. Re-deck

Once everything’s removed the decking will be the only thing left. If the decking is rotted, damaged, or warped, it will be replaced. This happens before anything else.

3. Drip-Edge Flashing Installation

To prevent water from seeping through cracks a drip-edge flashing is installed. This goes around the eaves.

4. Ice and Water Shield Installation

Next, and ice and water shield will be installed. This protects your roof from ice damns in the winter which can harm your roof.

5. Roofing Felt Installation

Now it’s time to install the roofing felt, a layer of paper saturated in asphalt that goes between the decking and shingles. This layer allows for a watertight system.

6. Remaining Flashing Installation

Now the rest of the metal flashings are installed on valleys, corners, chimney’s and wherever they’re needed.

7. Vents, Pipes and Skylight Replacement

Now the vents, pipes are skylights that were removed earlier are replaced and then painted to match the roof.

8. Installing Starter Shingles and Shingles

Starter shingles are installed along the edges of the roof before the main shingles go up. Once those are installed the regular shingles will be added in rows started at the bottom edge.

9. Cleaning Up

Once the roofing contractors are done, they will clean everything up. Good roofing companies will check for loose nails.

10. Inspecting

Once everything’s cleaned up the project manager will do a final inspection to make sure that everything’s installed properly. Once the project manager gives you the thumbs up you can breathe easy and admire your new roof.

If you are in the Southeastern Michigan area and need a new roof installation, give us a call today! We can come out and give you a free estimate for quality work at a fair price!