Amazing Vinyl Siding Job from Clawson, Michigan

Clawson, Oakland County, Michigan This is one of our favorite vinyl siding “makeovers” that we have done to date. The house started with a wood panel siding. Once we were finished it looked like a brand new house! It’s upgrades like these that make spending money on vinyl siding a profitable investment for your home. As you can see, the house looks amazing! The siding is Mastic Quest with a Dutch Lap Profile in Harbor Gray color. Here are some more pics of the job before, during and after the vinyl siding installation: [...]

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How to Handle Hail Damage to Your Roof in Clawson, MI

We've all seen enough pictures of golf ball size hail to know that it's no joke. Hail can impress the granules into fiberglass and asphalt matts. It may also loosen granules, which are an important part of protecting the asphalt. In metal roofs, hail can leave a dent and weaken the metal. While some of these dings may seem cosmetic, they can actually weaken your roof. So today we want to go over how to inspect for hail damage after a storm and what to do about it. Inspect the Roof You'll want to climb up to the roof [...]

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