Is your roofing and attic insulation ready for what many are saying might be the worst Michigan winter in decades?

This short checklist should help you make sure your house is ready for serious winter weather.

Roof Shingle Damage

Roof Shingle Damage From Wind

During the warmer months, strong winds may have caused damage to your shingles – even blowing them off entirely – but may have gone unnoticed. Take a good look at your entire roof to check for obvious damage to your shingles or missing shingles. Also, if you’ve had other storm damage (damaged fencing, broken tree limbs, torn door or window screens), your roof may need repairs that are not easily discernable by just a simple visual check.

Attic Water Damage

Having a leak in your roof that’s making its way through your attic insulation is definitely something you want to take care of before the weather gets too cold! If you’re not a regular visitor to your attic, make sure to visually inspect the attic ventilation and floor for any signs of water or moisture. Failure to address a leaking roof can lead to very serious problems!

Ice Dams and Roof Ventilation

Roof Ice Dam Removal

If you’ve got any concerns about your attic’s ventilation system, now is the time to look into correcting any problems. The first heavy snow could have your roof forming ice dams that might not melt until the spring. Even if you’re satisfied that your ventilation system is up to snuff, it’s still a good idea to visually inspect every attic vent to ensure nothing is blocking them.

Gutters – and more Ice Dams

Even with proper attic ventilation, you could still suffer from ice dams if your gutters are clogged with leaves and other debris. Clogged gutters and downspouts not only fill and freeze more quickly than clear gutters, but the added weight of that wet, frozen debris increases the risk of damage to the gutters themselves.

If you have any questions as to whether your home is ready for winter, contact Martino Home Improvements today for a free home inspection. Martino Home Improvements offers comprehensive roof replacement and repair, insulation installation and replacement, as well as complete winterizing services for your roof, attic, windows and gutters.