How Roofers Cut Cost

Saving money on roofing repairs now may mean a living room full of pots and pans later. You need some improvements done to your roof so you make the dreaded phone call and get a company out for an estimate. To your surprise the price is a lot lower than you expected. You even have money leftover for that surround sound system you’ve been wanting. But before you get too excited and spend your money, you might want to get another estimate. Lower costs on roofing repairs usually mean that the company is cutting corners and not doing a good job. Here are just some of the things that these companies might be doing wrong to lower their costs. It’s always worth it to find a professional roofer when dealing with something as important as the roof over your home.

Not Using Enough Nails

This might not sound like a huge problem, but it is, especially for your roof. If a company skimps out on the nails to save a little money, the wind will get under the shingles allowing water to get into and through the roof. Once a big storm hits you’ll need to break out all your pots and pans.

Using Second Grade Shingles

In order to cut costs, companies may use second grade shingles. These shingles are cheaper because they have factory defects. These defects could also lead to wind getting through your shingles, leakage, and deterioration.

Not Installing Ice and Water Shield Properly

It’s code that companies must install the ice and water shield 24″ from the exterior wall. This is just a minimum and some companies will try to same money by doing the bare minimum. However, it’s preferable to have even more of an overhang as you will get more protection. More protection now means less money spent on roofing repairs in the future.

Not Using Drip Edges on Rakes

Drip edges on rakes are not required for roofing and therefore an unnecessary expense to most roofing companies. However, this extra feature looks better and protects the wood on the rake against harsh winds. If you’re going for longevity you’re going to want drip edges.

Ridge Cap Doesn’t Match your Shingles

Many Roofing companies cut corners by selling a 30 year or lifetime shingle roofing system, then they turn around and install a Ridge Cap that has a 20 year life span. Also when you, the home owner, has a problem with the shingle for what ever reason, the manufacturer will come out and will not warrant the shingle because the system is mismatch.

Subcontracting Work Out

While subcontracting has its pros for companies (cheaper labor) it definitely has its cons for you (the customer). If the roofing company constantly subcontracts their work, you never know whose going to be working for you and neither do they. The quality of work can be poor and the company you hired wouldn’t even know. You’re going to want a company who has employees that they know do a good job every time. These are just some of the ways that companies will cut corners to offer low prices on roofing repairs. While saving money is important in this economy, skimping out on quality will hurt you in the long run.

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