Here is a job we finished last month where we added a dormer onto their main roof line to match the look of their garage.

Dormers are one of the most cost effective ways to increase the curb appeal of your home.  While we didn’t do it with this job, they can also be used to add square footage to the rooms below where the dormer is installed… also increasing the value of the home.

Clarkston Michigan Dormer Framing

We started by framing in the dormer on the existing roof.

Clarkston Michigan Decking and Underlayment

Once the dormer was framed in, we added wood decking to it. Then we used Owens Corning Pro Armor synthetic underlayment to prevent moisture buildup.

Clarkston Michigan Dormer Final Pictures

Once the dormer was built, we were able to match the exact shingles from the existing roof to perfectly blend the old and new portions of the roof.  We also matched the vinyl siding of the house for the front of the dormer.

A Roofing Company near Clarkston

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