Stamped Concrete Patio in Chesterfield, Michigan

Here is a stamped concrete job we just completed in Chesterfield, Michigan. This unique design has three different levels with a built-in fire pit on the back part. The concrete is stained medium gray with an ashlar cut slate pattern. We also used wire mesh to give the concrete additional strength. Stamped concrete is a type of concrete that is textured or stamped to resemble stone, brick, or other materials. It is a popular choice for patios, driveways, and other outdoor spaces because [...]

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Adding a Dormer to the Roof in Clarkston Michigan

Here is a job we finished last month where we added a dormer onto their main roof line to match the look of their garage. Dormers are one of the most cost effective ways to increase the curb appeal of your home.  While we didn’t do it with this job, they can also be used to add square footage to the rooms below where the dormer is installed… also increasing the value of the home. Clarkston Michigan Dormer Framing We started by framing in the dormer on the existing roof. [...]

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