With temperatures in the 50s here in Michigan, you can feel winter coming. In order to keep your home warm this winter, while saving on your energy bills, you should insulate your roof. Depending on your level of expertise, you may want to hire a professional to do this for you. If you feel you can handle it, here’s a step-by-step guide for insulating your roof.

Oakland County Installation Installer1. Choose Insulation

You may not know it, but you have choices when it comes to insulation. You can go with recycled insulation which is a green alternative. Then there’s the most common, blanket insulation. It’s simple to work with, but more uncomfortable to handle than recycled insulation.

2. Measure

Measure the surface area of your attic and follow the recommended depth requirements. It’s always a good idea to order extra in case your measurements or depth requirements are off.

3. Install Vapor Barrier

Clear debris between the joists and then decide is a vapor barrier is need. If the drywall surface is silver-backed an extra membrane is not needed. If you need a vapor barrier roll it out and cut out layers. Lay these layers between each pair of joists and staple the barrier to the sides of the joists with a staple gun. Cut holes in the barrier for any electrical hardware.

4. Lay Insulation

Roll out the insulation blanket between the joists, but be careful not to compress it. Tuck it against the sides of the joists. Butt the lengths of insulation against each other and don’t allow gaps between the lengths. Cut a hole in the insulation blanket for electrical hardware. This prevents overheating on the electrical components. Also, lift cables and wires above the insulation to prevent overheating.

5. Add Layers

If the required regulations say to, add a second layer of insulation. Add it at right angles to the first layer to add depth. And that’s it. You now have an insulated roof. If you want to further protect your attic in the winter, you’ll want to protect your pipework in the attic from freezing. This involves insulating the pipes which can be difficult. For this step, we recommend hiring a professional insulation company.