Here is a full roof replacement we just completed in Warren.  Two layers of old roofing shingles were stripped off down to the wood.  From there we replaced any damaged wood we found.  We used six feet of ice and water protection across the bottom of the roof, with Owens Corning Pro Armor synthetic wrap around the remaining pieces.  Finally, we shingled the roof with Owens Corning Duration Tru Definition Shingles in the Quarry Gray color.

Warren Michigan Roof Before

Here is what the roof looked like before.  We had two layers of shingles that needed to be torn off and there was a lot of weather damage and deterioration of the shingle granules.

Warren Michigan Roof Installation

After tearing off the shingles down to the wood, we replaced a few damaged boards.  From there, we added the ice and water barrier and synthetic underlayment.

Warren Michigan Roof Final Inspection

After the roof is finished, our project manager comes back to do the final inspection for any damage.  Here are a few pictures of the roof just after finishing and during the inspection.

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