When roofs collapse, in Macomb County and elsewhere, the homeowners are usually flabbergasted. “I don’t understand. It just happened so suddenly.” But no matter how suddenly it may have seemed to happen, there are always warning signs. Most of these signs come from little problems in the home that people tend to ignore or not even notice. Here are five signs that your roof may be about to collapse.

Sagging Roof in Macomb County1. Cracks In Walls or Masonry

These cracks could be a result of a wall that’s no longer able to support the weight of the roof.

2. Sagging Support Structures

Steel and wood structures are sturdy, but even these materials can handle only so much weight. If the structures get damaged or are holding up more weight than they can handle, they will start to buckle. Usually, this happens during heavy snow buildup. So, if your support structures sag or creak, you may need to get any excess weight off the roof (like snow). Even after doing this, you may still need a roofer to replace the supports as they may have been permanently damaged.

3. Warping Door Frames and Windows

If your door frame is warping it could be because too much pressure on the roof or ceiling is weighing the frame down. You may be able to see these warped frames, or you may just notice that your doors tend to pop open a lot. If multiple doors in your home begin unexpectedly popping open your roof may be on the brink of collapse. Also, if your windows become difficult to open, they could be experiencing too much pressure as well.

4. Noticeable Sprinkler Heads

If your building has sprinkler heads, you usually don’t notice them as they tend to be concealed in the ceiling. So if you begin to notice your sprinkler heads pushing down and out of their usually spot, especially if they pop out of tiles, there is most likely too much pressure above.

5. Leaking

Excess water weakens support structures and destroys drywall. So if your home is experiencing heavy leaking the roof may be ready to collapse. If rain water pours into the building, the roof is already going and could collapse at any time. A roof collapse can cause serious damage to a home and anyone in it. It’s important to look out for the warning signs. It’s even more important to take precautions to prevent a roof collapse. This includes removing snow in the winter with a roof rake and clearing roof draining systems before heavy rainfall.

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