If you’ve been in your home for a while and are looking to change up the scenery without making big changes you could stain the concrete. This works on driveways, sidewalks and basement floors and is much easier than covering it up with tile or wood. The advantages of staining concrete is that it doesn’t fade and can’t be scratched or broken. Also it’s much cheaper than putting in carpet, tile, or wood. The only drawbacks are that it is difficult to change the color once it’s done. So, if you decide that staining your concrete is the way to go, here are some tips for applying the stain.

Textured Concrete with StainClean the Concrete

First you’ll want to clean the surface and get rid of any unwanted variations. Concrete stains highlight the variations found in the concrete so this step is important.

Sample the Stain

Acid stains react differently to each type of surface so you’ll want to do a test patch to see how the color will turn out.

Apply the Stain

Too much stain can cause pooling and areas with too much color and too little stain won’t deposit deep enough to color.

Remove the Residue

Any residue has to be removed. Also, before you seal you’ll want to wet the area to avoid boot prints.


Once the stain is dry, apply a sealant. These steps may seem easy, but if they’re not done carefully the stain can turn out wrong. It’s best to have a professional concrete company do the job if you want an even stain.

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