Improving Your Madison Heights Property with Concrete Installation

Whether you're a homeowner or business owner in Madison Heights, MI, your landscape has an important job to do. Your outdoor space adds curb appeal and makes your landscape safe and easy to navigate. Investing in high-quality landscape installations can make your property more attractive and even increase its value. Yet, it can be difficult to determine what materials offer the best return on investment. When you're planning to invest in upgrades or repairs to your landscape, you want to use materials that are attractive and durable, but actually fit into your budget.  You may be surprised to learn that concrete [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Aggregate in Michigan

Concrete aggregate is a type of concrete that is made from recycled materials. It is a sustainable material that is environmentally friendly and low maintenance. Concrete aggregate is also strong and durable, making it an ideal choice for driveways and patios. Why should I choose Martino Home Improvements to install my concrete aggregate driveway?Your Content Goes HereThere are many reasons to choose Martino Home Improvements to install your concrete aggregate driveway. Some of these reasons include: We have over 25 years of experience in the concrete industry We are a family [...]

Stamped Concrete Patio in Commerce Township, Michigan

Stamped concrete looks great and has a lot of benefits when used for a patio.   Here is a project we just finished in Commerce Township where we used stamped concrete on their back patio area. Commerce Township Stamped Concrete Images If you are looking to have stamped concrete work done in Oakland County or near you in the surrounding areas, give use a call at 248-629-9260.  We can come by and give you a free estimate.

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Tips for Maintaining a Concrete Driveway in Oakland County

Keeping your driveway looking good and free from damage is a big part of making sure your home remains presentable. Here are some important tips to help maintain your concrete driveway. Keep the Driveway Clean It is important to keep your driveway free and clear of any debris. You can clean the driveway with a gentle chemical or you can do a power wash if you prefer not to use harsh chemicals. Some spills may cause your concrete to discolor, in that case, those should be cleaned up immediately to prevent any damage. Any sort of gas or oil [...]

Creative Uses for Concrete in Oakland County, Michigan

Concrete is a strong building material, but it's mostly used in boring ways like paving concrete driveways and sidewalks. So, we've gathered some pictures to show how concrete can be used to make some amazing things if you just use a little creativity.Concrete FireplaceThis fireplace is beautiful and smart. Being flame resistant, concrete is a great choice for fireplace construction.Concrete and Grass WalkwayInstead of using big slabs of concrete to create a walkway, this area uses little tiles. This breaks up the grass while still remaining aesthetically pleasing.Concrete Bar TopConcrete doesn't come in standard solid grey anymore. You can stain [...]

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Protecting Your Concrete from Michigan’s Snow

Happy Holidays from everyone at Martino Home Improvements After an unusually warm Thanksgiving, it may seem strange to talk about snow. But anyone who's lived in Oakland County Michigan knows that it can hit anytime. If you've lived here your whole life, you probably know how to handle snow and snow removal. However, you may not know that you are damaging the concrete around your home with de-icers and salt. Find out how and how to prevent it below. How De-Icers and Salt Ruin Concrete Concrete de-icer mixes with snow and ice to form a liquid brine that lowers [...]

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Pros and Cons of a Concrete Driveway in Livonia Michigan

While concrete is usually the number one choice for driveways here in Livonia, Michigan, they're not the only choice. You can go with pebble driveways or asphalt. However, since concrete is the popular choice, we'll go over the pros and cons of concrete driveways. Pros Long-Lasting Concrete usually doesn't crack for a long time after it's poured. In addition, potholes very rarely occur in concrete driveways. So, you can expect your concrete driveway to outlast all the other materials like asphalt and gravel. 30 years or more is a good estimate for concrete's life span. Temperature If you've ever touched [...]

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Stamped Concrete in Royal Oak, MI

Do you like your concrete plain or stamped? What's that? You don't know what stamped concrete is? Allow us to explain. What is stamped concrete? Stamped concrete is a concrete with patterns and textures. What happens is, you pour a slab of concrete for your driveway, sidewalk or whatever you're creating and then you impress the pattern or texture on it before it dries. It's pretty cool and it's starting to catch on. You can make the concrete look like cobblestone, brick, wood, etc. Pigment can even be added to further mimic the look you're going for. How does it [...]

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What Type of Driveway Is Right for Your Macomb County Home?

As a homeowner, you may be faced with home maintenance and upkeep issues that are unfamiliar to you. After all, unless you work in the home improvement or construction field, you've never been educated on windows, siding, driveways and the like. Today, we want to go through your options when it comes to redoing your driveway. Whether you bought a fixer upper home or find that your old driveway is falling apart, we can help you choose what construction material to go with for your new driveway. Concrete Driveway Concrete is a fairly obvious choice for redoing your driveway. [...]

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The History of Concrete

If you're TV is constantly tuned to the History Channel, than today's blog post is for you. We want anyone who reads our blog to know everything there is to know about windows, roofing and concrete. So today, we're going way back to the beginning. Today we talk about the history of concrete. Egyptians and Romans Discovery 2,600 years ago the Egyptians were using a mixture of lime, clay, sand and water for their construction work. The Romans then came along in the 1st century and perfected the binder by adding volcanic soil from Pozzuoli, near Naples. This mixture [...]

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