Windows for Curb Appeal in Birmingham, MI

Windows affect your home's curb appeal and can impact the overall aesthetic of your home. So, if it's time to replace your windows, take a while to look at the different types of windows available and how they'll change your homes look. Below we go over three types of windows and their appeal. Double Hung Windows Double hung windows are made of two halves that move up and down the frame. They allow for varied ventilation and and capture the natural temperature outside and bring it in. While this may not be the best option in Michigan where the [...]

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10 Signs That You Need A New Roof in Birmingham, Michigan

If you want to make your home a place to live for years to come you'll need to work on maintaining its structure. The roof is one of the most important parts of your home, adding character and value while protecting your home from harsh weather. While sturdy, after 20 years or so you may need a roof replacement. If your roof has many of the problems we've listed below, it might be time for a new one. 1. Algae Growth Algae can show up on your roof as a dark streak. Installing a zinc strip along the ridge [...]

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