What to Consider When Placing Your Home Windows in Berkley, MI

Many people who build new homes tend to have problems when it comes to their windows. The placement of home windows is important as they have many functions and affect the overall look of the house. Below we'll go over what to keep in mind when deciding on window placement. The Purpose of the Room Consider what the room is going to be used for. If it's a living room or office, chances are that you'll have a computer or television in the room. Having a large window or a window in an inconvenient place can create a glare [...]

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Window Replacement Tips in Macomb County

Deciding to replace your home windows can be a big and expensive decision. Before you choose new windows and hire contractors, here a few things that you should know. The Frame Stays When you get replacement windows, you're getting new glass and movable parts. However, the framed part of the window stays, as it's difficult to rip out the entire window and get a new construction window. So, you're not getting a completely new window, just new glass and parts. Sometimes Construction Windows Are Needed While it's difficult to rip out entire frame windows, it can be done and sometimes [...]

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Window Upgrades for the Summer in Metro Detroit

Now that the sun's shining, it's time to get to work on home repairs. Windows are a great place to start as the upgrades can be easy and cheap. Also, windows have a lot to do with how cool your house is in the summer. So here are a few home window upgrades that you can do this weekend to help save you money on energy bills this summer. Replace Weather Strips and Caulk Drafty windows aren't just a problem in the winter. Cool air from air conditioning can go right out the window making your house warmer than it [...]

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Reasons to Replace Your Old Windows in Ferndale, MI

Since replacing windows can be expensive, many people don't feel the need to replace their old windows until they're broken. What people don't realize is that keeping outdated windows can cost more in the long run than replacing them with newer ones. Many of our customers in Oakland County Michigan tell us that had they known this, they would have gotten new windows sooner. Hearing this, we felt the need to educate our readers on the benefits of replacement windows. 1. Lower Utility Bills If you upgrade your old windows to new energy efficient ones, the savings can be huge. [...]

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Energy Savings Through Windows in Bloomfield Hills, MI

We've gotten a lot of calls for insulation lately. It seems like everyone in Oakland County Michigan is looking to save on their energy bills and keep their home warm this winter. Aside from insulating your home, you can save money and energy with the right windows. Window R-Values As mentioned before, R-value measures how well a construction material insulates. The higher the R-value, the better the material is. Conventional fiberglass battens usually have an R-value of 10.9. An average glass window has an R-value of one, which means that a lot of energy can pass through easily. It's been [...]

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Ways to Winterize Your Windows in Royal Oak, MI

Oh dreaded winter. Are you sick of hearing about the oncoming snow and storms yet? We're a bit sick of talking about it, but we at Martino Home Improvements want to make sure that our customers are prepared. That's why we're going to go over tips for winterizing your home windows. These tips will help you save on your energy bills and protect your home. 1. Install Storm Windows Did you know that storm doors and windows can increase energy efficiency by 45%? That's what makes installing storm windows worth it. To do this you simply remove your screens, clean [...]

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Do You Have a Window Leak in the Detroit Metro Area?

With all the rain we've been getting here in Oakland County, Michigan you may be dealing with leaking windows. We've seen these leaks go undetected all the time and it can cause major damage. Here are 4 signs that your window is leaking. 1. Moisture Near Window Moisture near the window is the most obvious sign of a leaking window and puddles like the one shown above are a sign of a serious leak. If you experience puddles like this one, you should call a window contractor immediately. A leak this serious could be trouble when a big storm rolls in. [...]

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4 Ways to Keep the Heat in this Fall/Winter in Troy, MI

It's been chilly here in Michigan for the past couple days, a reminder that fall is on its way in and soon after that, winter. We've talked about saving on your energy bills by buying energy efficient windows. Now we want to give you some less costly tips on preparing your windows for the cold months ahead, while saving money. Cover Up One of the simplest things that you can do retain the heat in your home is to cover your drafty windows up. You can do this by buying a heavy clear plastic sheet and taping it on [...]

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Windows for Curb Appeal in Birmingham, MI

Windows affect your home's curb appeal and can impact the overall aesthetic of your home. So, if it's time to replace your windows, take a while to look at the different types of windows available and how they'll change your homes look. Below we go over three types of windows and their appeal. Double Hung Windows Double hung windows are made of two halves that move up and down the frame. They allow for varied ventilation and and capture the natural temperature outside and bring it in. While this may not be the best option in Michigan where the [...]

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Pros and Cons of Slider Windows in Oakland County, Michigan

Slider windows open up by sliding horizontally on the window frame and can be a great choice for brightening a room. However there's more to them than looks. Below we go over the pros and cons of slider windows. Easy Maintenance Slider windows are made up of fewer parts than conventional windows. This makes them not only cost-effective, but low-maintenance. Durable Slider windows don't rely on springs and pulleys to function, like normal windows do. So you don't have to worry about these parts failing over time. Not to mention, slider windows usually use a window glazing, making them even [...]

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