Crazy Gutter Cut Found in Ferndale – Contractor Wall of Shame

DISCLAIMER: This is not our work! This is a photo that our staff took during an inspection. We are sharing this to highlight what can go wrong when you hire the lowest bidder or a company that does sub-par work. Here is a picture we took this week in Ferndale where the gutter is cut into the window trim. During heavy rains, this could cause water to flow directly inside the window trim and/or wall causing damage or rot. We highlight work like this just to show what happens when you hire the wrong contractor.

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Reasons to Replace Your Old Windows in Ferndale, MI

Since replacing windows can be expensive, many people don't feel the need to replace their old windows until they're broken. What people don't realize is that keeping outdated windows can cost more in the long run than replacing them with newer ones. Many of our customers in Oakland County Michigan tell us that had they known this, they would have gotten new windows sooner. Hearing this, we felt the need to educate our readers on the benefits of replacement windows. 1. Lower Utility Bills If you upgrade your old windows to new energy efficient ones, the savings can be huge. [...]

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