Since replacing windows can be expensive, many people don’t feel the need to replace their old windows until they’re broken. What people don’t realize is that keeping outdated windows can cost more in the long run than replacing them with newer ones. Many of our customers in Oakland County Michigan tell us that had they known this, they would have gotten new windows sooner. Hearing this, we felt the need to educate our readers on the benefits of replacement windows.

Window Rotting1. Lower Utility Bills

If you upgrade your old windows to new energy efficient ones, the savings can be huge. On average energy efficient windows save most people 35% on their heating and cooling bills. You’re basically being reward to help save the planet.

2. Tax Deductible

While it’s too late for tax season this year, upgrading to energy star rated windows gets you a tax deduction. Who doesn’t want another deduction?

3. Increased Home Value

Upgrading your out-of-date windows can increase your home’s value. If you’re trying to sell your home, this is a great way to up the asking price. In fact, the National Association of Realtors estimates that replacement windows can increase the value of your home by 97% of the cost of the windows. This is yet another example of new windows paying for themselves.

4. Reduced Noise

Newer windows tend to have thick, multi-chambered frames. The thicker frames can muffle the noise outside, resulting in a quieter home for you. Vinyl frames are especially good at reducing noise.

5. Reduced Drafts

New windows tend to have double weather stripping which make for a tighter seal. This means less drafts in your home, which helps even more in lowering your energy bills. Not to mention, it makes for a cozy home in the winter. These are just some of the benefits of new windows. New windows also tend to be safer, cleaner, and increase the curb appeal of your home.

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