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Choosing the Right Window Contractors in Troy, MI

Make sure you get your money's worth by hiring the right window contractor. When it comes to window installation, hiring the right contractors is important. But how do you know who to choose? When doing a Yellow Pages search for window contractors in Troy, Michigan, there are 848 business listings. Your first instinct might be to pick the first business on the list and call it a day. Don't. If you go with the wrong contractor you might find yourself needing new windows again in the next couple of years. So, to help you pick a window contractor that [...]

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Concrete Driveway Replacement or Repair in Oakland County Michigan

What Can Go Wrong With A Concrete Driveway In Oakland County? When a Michigan concrete driveway starts to show signs of stress and large cracks begin to form, its time to get an inspection from a trained and knowledgeable concrete contractor. You may begin to see large chips of concrete loose or missing. Driveways with cracks are not only unsightly but also can be dangerous in a Michigan winter with the thawing and freezing we all deal with. Large cracks or sharp edges can pose a dangerous trip and fall situation and should be put on the top of your [...]

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New Roof Installed in Redford, Michigan

When this Wayne County house was due for a new roof, the homeowners gave Martino Home Improvements the call. Martino performed a complete roof tear-off, replacing the ice and water shield, underlayment, and some areas of roof deck that had started to rot away. The existing 3-tab shingles were replaced with a longer lasting dimensional shingle, for a roof that is not only beautiful but built to last! If you are near Redford or anywhere in Southeastern Michigan and need work done to your roof, give Martino Home Improvements a call at 248-629-9260. We can come to your home and [...]

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