Sealing Concrete Driveways in Rochester, Michigan

Concrete goes through a lot of wear and tear as it is supposed to be able to withstand tons. This is why it's common for driveways to need to be replaced every 10 years. One thing you can do to make sure your driveway lasts is to seal it. Concrete driveways can be sealed immediately after installation and it's recommended to do this every 3 - 5 years as severe weather can break down the sealant. You can have a concrete professional seal your driveway for you. Of if you prefer to do it yourself, that's also an option as [...]

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Roofing Contractor for Rochester, Oakland County Michigan

Are you looking to get a roof installed this year? Looking to hire the best Roofing Contractor? Look no further.  Martino Home Improvements will get the job done right - the first time. If you want your roof install done correctly, you need to hire a roofing professional. There are a lot of people that pose as professional roofers because they were on a roof one summer when they were 18 years old. Being a professional means having the knowledge and experience to get the work done correctly.  The company you choose must be trustworthy.  They should have more than one form of communication, ex: an office, [...]

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