Replacement Windows Good Idea

There are many obvious signs that let you know when it’s time to replace your windows or doors, but there are a few critical signs that you might not notice. Martino Home Improvements has put together a few tests that will help you determine whether it’s time for a window replacement.

Cold or Hot Spots

On a cold winter day, feel the middle of your window pane. Is it cold also? If so, you might have a broken seal or – even worse – only one pane of glass. Today there are many different kinds of glass that are installed into windows that offer much more insulation than single-pane windows: double, triple, low-e, insulated… the list goes on! At Martino Home Improvements we have a highly trained staff of consultants to help you make the best choice to fit your needs.

Are your Windows Drafty? Leaky Frames

Window Heat Loss Around Frame

Take your hand and wave it in front of the window and around the frame. If you feel cold air on your hand, most likely your windows are losing heat – and adding to your gas bill. This leakage is caused by wearing of the window frame material over time. The constant hot-to-cold temperature fluctuations make the frames contract and expand, and if you’re from Oakland County, Michigan, like us, you know that happens at least a thousand times a year. This contraction and expansion process can cause moisture to seep in and cause the wood around your windows to rot. Rotten wood will ruin any window and is the leading cause for homeowners to buy replacement windows in Macomb Twp mi.

Inspect your Window Frames

Window Frame Rot

Check to see if the wood is soft by taking a stiff object – like a screwdriver – and push it against the wood. If you can put dents in the wood easily then most likely your wood is rotting. If this is the case, you need to start saving for new windows or call Martino since we offer financing with approved credit on all home projects. Another note: if the paint on the wood is peeling off and has not been properly sealed within the last year, the moisture will cause your windows to rot even more quickly.

Ice or Frost on your windows

Ice Inside Window

Another key sign that your windows need to be replaced is when you start to see a frost build up on the glass of the window on the inside face. This can happen when the outside temperature goes from hot to cold too quickly. This may also happen just after you install new windows and there is too much moisture in your home – ice will build up on your windows because now you have an air-tight opening that does not lose heat. To fix, you will have to check the humidity and make changes to your home.

Does the Window Work?

Do all of the windows open and close? Are they painted over so many times that they do not even open anymore? Do you need to use a stick to keep them open? If so you probably needed Replacement Windows a couple years ago!

Outside Noise

Window Sound Proofing

If noise is a problem for you in your home, your windows are the most likely culprit. When getting new Replacement Windows, there are many options for insulated glass that will do a great job of sound-proofing your home. Martino Home Improvements offers our Martino Glass which has a silver oxide with argon gas, metal reinforced sashes. Our special double pane glass has all of the features of a triple pane window but without the added weight, costs, and problems that triple panes typically comes with. Additionally, all of our windows that are installed by us are insulated with non-expanding spray foam all the way around the window’s frame. This will ensures the windows are not drafty and will stop noise from traveling through any part of the opening.

Cracked seals or broken caulk

Window with Bad Caulk

Having a cracked seal is easy to spot because the glass will be fogged up. This happens when moisture gets locked between the two window panes due to that faulty seal. Checking for broken caulk that has shrunk is easy enough. All you need to do is look around the window – both inside and out – and look for any visible cracks in the caulk. These cracks will let water and air in to your home, causing energy losses. At Martino Home Improvements, we give you a lifetime Guarantee on all window installations which includes re-caulking on the windows – even 10 years later. If you think it is time for new Replacement Windows, Call Martino Home Improvements today! We are located in Madison Heights, Oakland County, Michigan.