With all the rain we’ve been getting here in Oakland County, Michigan you may be dealing with leaking windows. We’ve seen these leaks go undetected all the time and it can cause major damage.

Here are 4 signs that your window is leaking.

Detroit Area Window Moisture1. Moisture Near Window

Moisture near the window is the most obvious sign of a leaking window and puddles like the one shown above are a sign of a serious leak. If you experience puddles like this one, you should call a window contractor immediately. A leak this serious could be trouble when a big storm rolls in. Oftentimes, a window leak isn’t as obvious as a puddle of water on the window sill, so let’s move on to less obvious signs.

2. Paint on Window Sill Peeling

Paint Peeling Around Window

Often times moisture build up will cause paint to chip. If you notice the paint on your window sill peeling you might have a leak. However, sometimes it’s hard to tell if the chipping is due to moisture build up or an old paint job. If you haven’t painted your home in over a decade or more, this could be the case and you may just need a fresh coat of paint. However, you may want to get a professional’s opinion before you write it off as bad paint and cover up the real problem. It could be a faulty window or bad caulking allowing water in. An experienced window contractor will be able to tell you what’s wrong.

3. Paint on Wall Near the Window Peeling

We don’t want to make you paranoid about chipped paint, but we do want you to be aware of the signs of a leak. If you notice the paint near your window peeling, it could be from moisture seeping in. Usually, you’ll notice these cracked areas below your window, slightly to the left or right. When people call us in for leaking windows, this is often what we see.

4. Rotting Wood on Exterior Window Sill

Window Rotting

Window leaks can be caused by bad construction such as improperly flashed windows or lack of house wrap. Flashing is meant to move water away from vulnerable spots and house wraps cover and protect wood sheeting. If installed wrong, or not at all, these could be causing your window leaks. If this is the case, you’ll see the outside of your window rotting. If you suspect your window is leaking, take a good look at it the next time it rains. Look to see if the window always leaks or only leaks during heavy rains. Check to see if it only leaks when there are high winds accompanying the storm. And try to remember when you first noticed the window leaking. Maybe it was during severe winds or harsh rain.


If the leak seems severe, give us a call at Martino Home Improvements. Your observations will help us out so that we can in turn help you.