Slider windows open up by sliding horizontally on the window frame and can be a great choice for brightening a room. However there’s more to them than looks. Below we go over the pros and cons of slider windows.

Slider Windows Oakland CountyEasy Maintenance

Slider windows are made up of fewer parts than conventional windows. This makes them not only cost-effective, but low-maintenance.


Slider windows don’t rely on springs and pulleys to function, like normal windows do. So you don’t have to worry about these parts failing over time. Not to mention, slider windows usually use a window glazing, making them even more durable.

Energy Efficient

Slider windows glazing improves the windows insulating abilities and energy efficient, saving you money on your energy bills.

Easy to Control

Slider windows are light and tend to glide along the window frame easily. Once you release the hatch, it’s fairly easy to open, unlike normal windows that require effort to push up.

Hard to Clean

It’s easy to clean the inside of a slider window but the outside is another story. You can’t just tilt the inside to clean like most windows. This can be frustrating in winter. As you can see the advantages of slider windows greatly outweigh the disadvantages. Remember to consider these windows the next time you need to replace your home windows.

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