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Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Aggregate in Michigan

Concrete aggregate is a type of concrete that is made from recycled materials. It is a sustainable material that is environmentally friendly and low maintenance. Concrete aggregate is also strong and durable, making it an ideal choice for driveways and patios. Why should I choose Martino Home Improvements to install my concrete aggregate driveway?Your Content Goes HereThere are many reasons to choose Martino Home Improvements to install your concrete aggregate driveway. Some of these reasons include: We have over 25 years of experience in the concrete industry We are a family [...]

When should you repair or replace a roof?

Most people only think about roof repair when there is a leak. However, roofing experts say that it’s important to consider the condition of your roof and make repairs before any major damage occurs. Roof replacement may become necessary if the roof is too damaged to be repaired. Signs of roof damage that you can’t ignoreIf you notice any of these signs, it’s important to call a roofing contractor right away. They will be able to inspect the roof and determine if repairs or replacement is necessary. This is one of the most obvious signs [...]

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Crazy Gutter Cut Found in Ferndale – Contractor Wall of Shame

DISCLAIMER: This is not our work! This is a photo that our staff took during an inspection. We are sharing this to highlight what can go wrong when you hire the lowest bidder or a company that does sub-par work. Here is a picture we took this week in Ferndale where the gutter is cut into the window trim. During heavy rains, this could cause water to flow directly inside the window trim and/or wall causing damage or rot. We highlight work like this just to show what happens when you hire the wrong contractor.

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How mold damages your roof, and how can you prevent it?

Mold on your roof is not only unsightly, but it can also lead to structural damage and shingle damage. In order to prevent mold damage, it’s important to understand the conditions that promote its growth. Additionally, regular roof inspections can help you catch any potential problems before they become bigger issues. What causes mold to grow on roofing shingles? Mold needs three things to grow: food, moisture, and warmth. Roofing shingles provide an ideal food source for mold, and the shady, moist conditions on your roof make it the perfect place for mold to thrive. Mold thrives in humid [...]

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Roof Replacement in Walled Lake, Michigan

Here is a job we just completed in Walled Lake, a beautiful city in western Oakland County, Michigan. The new shingles are Atlas Pinnacle in the Majestic Shake color, which gives a nice, natural earthy look. Even though the overall color is close to the original shingle, the way the Atlas Pinnacle Majestic Shake shingle are designed gives it an awesome sense of depth. The picture below has a closer look at the shingle. With the alternating colors and shadow lines at the top, it has a really awesome look to it that makes it really pop [...]

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James Hardie Siding Installation in Harrison Township

Here are some pics of a job we just finished in Harrison Township. For this job, the customer chose James Hardie Siding, which is a fiber-cement composite siding and one of the highest quality and best looking siding products available. As you can see with the before and after pics, the new look is a huge upgrade. We removed all of the wooden tudor elements of the home and replaced them with Hardie Plank 8 1/2″ Cedarmill Lap Siding in the Evening Blue color. Why James Hardie Siding? Hardie siding has superior [...]

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How moisture and bad ventilation can damage your roof

Madison Heights, MI We recently replaced a roof right by us here in Madison Heights. We expected some wood damage, since we did an inspection from inside the attic, but what we found during the tear off was surprising. The moisture damage actually ate a hole right through the roof’s wood decking, with mold stains running throughout the board. While water damage can damage the roofing, the real damage can be done by mold in the attic or walls and to the interior of your home if it gets bad enough. One of the essential [...]

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How to Choose a Home Improvement Contractor Without Getting Ripped Off

Springtime in Michigan has specific signs it has arrived like Morel mushroom hunting, yard work, Robin sightings, geese flying north, and the growing fix-it-list for your home. To take on the spring season and tackle that growing fix-it-list you will eventually need to hire a contractor to do some work. Top Tip – When hiring a contractor to do a project on your house, know that in Michigan if a project totals $600 or more in Labor and Materials the contractor must be licensed by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.  Before you contact [...]

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How Do Ice Dams Affect Your Roof In Michigan?

Ice dams and ice icicles are forming on many houses and homes during winter here in Michigan. In this article, we cover what an ice dam is, what causes ice dams, short and long-term fixes, and how to prevent ice dams. What is an ice dam? Ice dams form when there is a build-up of snow and your roof heats up to 32 degrees or more. When your roof is above 32 degrees it will melt the snow touching the roof, which runs down to the eaves, refreezes, and turns to ice. This melt [...]

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Another Roof Installed Near Us In Madison Heights

We just completed another roof replacement near us, here in Madison Heights.  With this customer, they had a tree branch fall onto their roof.  Since the entire roof was due for a replacement, we opted to repair the damage as the entire roof got replaced. Madison Heights Roof Tear-Off We started by tearing off the existing shingles.  Once we got to the bare roof decking, all damage from the tree branch falling was then repaired.  We then installed six feet of ice & water barrier, then installed Owens Corning Pro Armor synthetic underlayment on the remaining portions of the roof. [...]

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