Oakland County Windows

We’ve taught you how to choose window contractors and the proper window terminology. Today, we’re going to further your home window education by teaching you how to choose the right windows for your Warren, Michigan home.

Check Window Efficiency Ratings

Manufacturers will put the U-factor on their windows. Remember, a U-factor is the measure of a window’s ability to conduct heat. The lower the U-factor the better. On the flip side, you’ll want the R-value to be high as it measures the windows ability to insulate. The window may not have the R-value written on it so you may have to ask for it. If you find a window with a low U-factor and high R-value it means that the window will be able to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, saving you money on your energy bill.

Compare Window Frames

Frames may seem like just a style choice, but they’re actually important in keeping the elements out. Most people choose vinyl frames because they’re the cheapest. However, vinyl tends to leak air more and they can’t be painted. So, you might want to go a little higher in your budget and opt for wood or fiberglass frames. They cost more, but perform better under extreme temperature swings.

Get the Window’s E-coating

E-coatings are metal or metallic oxide layers put on the surface of the panes of glass. They reduce the U-factor by reducing the infrared radiation from a warm pane to a cooler pane. A low E-coating will reflect the heat into the house in winter and black it out in summer, which will save you on your heating and cooling bills.

Go for Gas Filled Panes

The space between glass panes can be filled with gas or air. It’s best to get argon, krypton or other gas fills over air. These gasses are denser than air which makes them better at insulating the window. After you’ve checked on the above features, all that’s left is to pick out the style of window that you want. This will depend on the overall look that you want your home to have. So, while we can’t help you choose style, we hope that the information we provided has helped you choose the best windows for your home.

If you are looking for windows in Warren, Michigan or the surrounding areas, give Martino Home Improvements a call. We can come to your home and give you a free estimate for replacement windows.