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Martino Home Improvements is a family company serving the Royal Oak area that bring quality and integrity to every job we work on.  Our motto is, “Large enough to trust, small enough to care.” We mean this and it shows in every aspect of how we treat our customers – they truly become part of our family.

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Gallery of Projects Completed in Royal Oak

Here are some of the projects our company has completed near you in Royal Oak.  Give us a call at 248-629-9260 to get a free estimate on your next Roofing, Siding, Concrete or other exterior project.

Royal Oak Roofing Company

With a population of over 57,000, Royal Oak’s residents need a home improvement company they can trust.  We are a Madison Heights based roofing and exterior contractor that is uniquely suited to the needs of Royal Oak.  Being right next door to Royal Oak, we have solved many of the needs of your residents.   We are one of the few Owens Corning platinum contractors in the Royal Oak area, and are a James Hardie siding certified installer.   Martino Home Improvements has been in business serving the Royal Oak area since 2008 and can work with you on your next project.   Call us today!

Oakland County Garage Roof Replacement

This week, one of the jobs we did was replacing the roof of a garage in Royal Oak. The old roof was in bad shape and some of the wooden decking needed to be replaced. We did a complete tear-off of the old roof and installed new Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles in the Coastal Granite color. Before Roof Replacement Why do we always tear off the old shingles? It’s the only way to do a proper job and it’s also the best way to avoid any future problems. [...]

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A Royal Oak Roof our Company Just Finished

Here is a roofing job our company just completed near us in Royal Oak. With this house we stripped off all of existing 3-tab shingles and replaced them with Owens Corning Duration shingles, which provide great protection of the roof for the price. It also includes a 50 year warranty through Owens Corning. Royal Oak Existing Roof This roof had a 3 tab shingle which are thinner than the shingles we use, so they don’t last as long. You can also notice some of the damage in the valleys where the rain and weather cause wear. [...]

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Tips for Maintaining a Concrete Driveway in Oakland County

Keeping your driveway looking good and free from damage is a big part of making sure your home remains presentable. Here are some important tips to help maintain your concrete driveway. Keep the Driveway Clean It is important to keep your driveway free and clear of any debris. You can clean the driveway with a gentle chemical or you can do a power wash if you prefer not to use harsh chemicals. Some spills may cause your concrete to discolor, in that case, those should be cleaned up immediately to prevent any damage. Any sort of gas or oil [...]

Benefits of Blown-In Insulation in Royal Oak, MI

Right now it's all about insulation here in Oakland County Michigan. With the low temperatures, everyone's preparing themselves for the cold winter ahead. Here at Martino Home Improvements, we like to ensure that our customers get the most out of their insulation, which is why we go with blown-in insulation. There are many reasons why this type of insulation is better. Let us show you. 1. Creates A Tighter Fit Blown-in insulation gets into all the tight spots that other insulation materials can't reach. Everything gets sealed, not just the outer layer. This keeps more airflow out. 2. Keeps Moisture [...]

Ways to Winterize Your Windows in Royal Oak, MI

Oh dreaded winter. Are you sick of hearing about the oncoming snow and storms yet? We're a bit sick of talking about it, but we at Martino Home Improvements want to make sure that our customers are prepared. That's why we're going to go over tips for winterizing your home windows. These tips will help you save on your energy bills and protect your home. 1. Install Storm Windows Did you know that storm doors and windows can increase energy efficiency by 45%? That's what makes installing storm windows worth it. To do this you simply remove your screens, clean [...]

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Stamped Concrete in Royal Oak, MI

Do you like your concrete plain or stamped? What's that? You don't know what stamped concrete is? Allow us to explain. What is stamped concrete? Stamped concrete is a concrete with patterns and textures. What happens is, you pour a slab of concrete for your driveway, sidewalk or whatever you're creating and then you impress the pattern or texture on it before it dries. It's pretty cool and it's starting to catch on. You can make the concrete look like cobblestone, brick, wood, etc. Pigment can even be added to further mimic the look you're going for. How does it [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Hopper Windows in Royal Oak, MI

There are many different styles of replacement windows to choose from. To further educate you, we're going to go into depth with each type of window. This week we're going to focus on hopper windows. Uses for Hopper Windows Hopper windows are popular choices for basements because they are hinged at the bottom and tilt open from the top into the room. This blocks wind and precipitation from getting in, which is perfect for areas of the house near the ground. Hopper windows look like small picture windows and will usually include screens. In addition to being used in [...]

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What Causes of Cracks in Michigan Driveways and Sidewalks

Cracks in concrete are a normal occurrence and can be found everywhere, even on beautiful Main Street in Royal Oak, MI. There are many different reasons as to why concrete cracks. Today we're going to go over these reasons with precautions that you can take to ensure you concrete doesn't crack prematurely. Too Much Water Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregate and water. Not much water is needed in the equation, but some people add too much in order to make installation easier. However, when too much water is added to the mix, the strength of the concrete [...]

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Home Window Terminology in Royal Oak, MI

We like to use this blog to educate our customers in Michigan, and others, on their home so that they can make educated decisions and make their home last a lifetime. However, we realize that sometimes we may use some terms that can be confusing to someone who doesn't work in home improvement. So, to further educate our readers we're going to break down some confusing home window terminology. What is U-Factor? U-factor measures the rate of heat loss. So, when you're looking to buy energy efficient windows, the lower the u-factor the better you'll be able to keep your [...]

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Common Concrete Repairs in Royal Oak and Oakland County

Home maintenance is a necessity since, eventually, everything on and around a house deteriorates. Paint chips, roof shingles dislodge, wood rots. Even something solid like concrete eventually cracks or shifts. This is a common occurrence and we're constantly being asked to repair old driveways and sidewalks in Royal Oak and elsewhere. Since this is such a common occurrence, we want to inform you of the different problems that you could experience with concrete driveways, sidewalks, and stairs, with an overview of possible solutions. Cracked Concrete Small cracks are common and usually stem from everyday wear. The good news is that [...]

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