6 Things You Need to Know About Bay Windows in Madison Heights, MI

Bay windows are something a lot of homeowners dream of. And why wouldn't they? Bay windows extend out from the house creating extra space in the room that can be filled with window seating and they instantly add curb appeal. Below is an overview of this style of window as well as its advantages and disadvantages. 1. Placement Bay windows are great for living rooms as these tend to be the bigger rooms in the house. They're also a great option for kitchens. The extra space created from the window can be used as extra seating at the kitchen table. [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Hopper Windows in Royal Oak, MI

There are many different styles of replacement windows to choose from. To further educate you, we're going to go into depth with each type of window. This week we're going to focus on hopper windows. Uses for Hopper Windows Hopper windows are popular choices for basements because they are hinged at the bottom and tilt open from the top into the room. This blocks wind and precipitation from getting in, which is perfect for areas of the house near the ground. Hopper windows look like small picture windows and will usually include screens. In addition to being used in [...]

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Choosing the Right Home Windows for Warren, MI

We've taught you how to choose window contractors and the proper window terminology. Today, we're going to further your home window education by teaching you how to choose the right windows for your Warren, Michigan home. Check Window Efficiency Ratings Manufacturers will put the U-factor on their windows. Remember, a U-factor is the measure of a window's ability to conduct heat. The lower the U-factor the better. On the flip side, you'll want the R-value to be high as it measures the windows ability to insulate. The window may not have the R-value written on it so you may [...]

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Home Window Terminology in Royal Oak, MI

We like to use this blog to educate our customers in Michigan, and others, on their home so that they can make educated decisions and make their home last a lifetime. However, we realize that sometimes we may use some terms that can be confusing to someone who doesn't work in home improvement. So, to further educate our readers we're going to break down some confusing home window terminology. What is U-Factor? U-factor measures the rate of heat loss. So, when you're looking to buy energy efficient windows, the lower the u-factor the better you'll be able to keep your [...]

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Choosing the Right Window Contractors in Troy, MI

Make sure you get your money's worth by hiring the right window contractor. When it comes to window installation, hiring the right contractors is important. But how do you know who to choose? When doing a Yellow Pages search for window contractors in Troy, Michigan, there are 848 business listings. Your first instinct might be to pick the first business on the list and call it a day. Don't. If you go with the wrong contractor you might find yourself needing new windows again in the next couple of years. So, to help you pick a window contractor that [...]

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Considering Window Replacement? Some Good Reasons Why You Should

There are many obvious signs that let you know when it's time to replace your windows or doors, but there are a few critical signs that you might not notice. Martino Home Improvements has put together a few tests that will help you determine whether it's time for a window replacement. Cold or Hot Spots On a cold winter day, feel the middle of your window pane. Is it cold also? If so, you might have a broken seal or - even worse - only one pane of glass. Today there are many different kinds of glass that are [...]

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