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Our roofers just finished a job near us in Madison Heights, MI

Here is a job our roofing company just replace near us in Madison Heights.  The shingles are Owens Corning Oakridge in the Peppermill color, with Owens Corning Pro Ice and Synthetic underlayment. Pics of the Madison Heights finished roof Pics of the Madison Heights during the roofing installation As we do with every roofing job, we stripped the original shingles down to the bare wood. This is done so that the wood decking can be inspected and any damaged pieced can be removed and replaced. Once that [...]

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Amazing Vinyl Siding Job from Clawson, Michigan

Clawson, Oakland County, Michigan This is one of our favorite vinyl siding “makeovers” that we have done to date. The house started with a wood panel siding. Once we were finished it looked like a brand new house! It’s upgrades like these that make spending money on vinyl siding a profitable investment for your home. As you can see, the house looks amazing! The siding is Mastic Quest with a Dutch Lap Profile in Harbor Gray color. Here are some more pics of the job before, during and after the vinyl siding installation: [...]

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Roof Replacement with Smart Vents in Clarkston, Michigan

Here is a roof installation we just finished in Clarkston on this beautiful home.   The installed shingle was an Owens Corning Duration in Onyx Black.  We added some smart vents towards the bottom to help with ventilation and some zinc strips in the shadier areas to help prevent any kind of algae build-up. If you are near Clarkton or anywhere in Oakland, Macomb or Wayne Counties and need a quality roofing company, give us a call at 248-629-9260 for a free estimate today!

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Mastic Quest Vinyl Siding Project Completed in Rochester, Michigan

These pics are from a vinyl siding project we did earlier this summer in Rochester Hills, Oakland County.  The type of siding used is Mastic Quest in Cape Cod Grey.  Most of the siding is a shake style, but we mixed in some vertical board & batten to give it a unique look. Rochester Hills Vinyl Siding (completed job) Rochester Hills Vinyl Siding (in progress pics) We started the siding installation when there was still snow on the ground. The old wood and stucco siding had to [...]

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Full Roof Replacement with Decking Repair in Pontiac, MI

Here are some pics of a job we just finished in Pontiac, Michigan. Roofing Before Pic The roof shingles had some decent visible damage, with most of the roof being tarped over to prevent leaking. They were definitely in need of a quality roofer to come along, so we were glad they called us when they did. Repairing the Roof Decking Once we removed all the shingles off, there was plenty of damage to the boards underneath.   We removed any of the damaged boards and replaced them with new ones. [...]

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Tips for Maintaining a Concrete Driveway in Oakland County

Keeping your driveway looking good and free from damage is a big part of making sure your home remains presentable. Here are some important tips to help maintain your concrete driveway. Keep the Driveway Clean It is important to keep your driveway free and clear of any debris. You can clean the driveway with a gentle chemical or you can do a power wash if you prefer not to use harsh chemicals. Some spills may cause your concrete to discolor, in that case, those should be cleaned up immediately to prevent any damage. Any sort of gas or oil [...]

A Roofing Contractor You Can Trust In Oakland County MI

Martino Home Improvements is a Michigan roofing contractor located in Oakland County that you can trust to complete your roof on a timely basis and offer you the best roofing system for your home. Things to think about when hiring a local home improvement or roofing contractor: Is the company licensed and insured as a roofing company? Why? Because most roofers can’t afford the correct insurance and liability to cover the year, hence lower pricing and greater risk… Does the contractor have a commercial building or professional place of business? Because the roofing contractors that operate out of [...]

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What to Consider When Placing Your Home Windows in Berkley, MI

Many people who build new homes tend to have problems when it comes to their windows. The placement of home windows is important as they have many functions and affect the overall look of the house. Below we'll go over what to keep in mind when deciding on window placement. The Purpose of the Room Consider what the room is going to be used for. If it's a living room or office, chances are that you'll have a computer or television in the room. Having a large window or a window in an inconvenient place can create a glare [...]

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Creative Uses for Concrete in Oakland County, Michigan

Concrete is a strong building material, but it's mostly used in boring ways like paving concrete driveways and sidewalks. So, we've gathered some pictures to show how concrete can be used to make some amazing things if you just use a little creativity.Concrete FireplaceThis fireplace is beautiful and smart. Being flame resistant, concrete is a great choice for fireplace construction.Concrete and Grass WalkwayInstead of using big slabs of concrete to create a walkway, this area uses little tiles. This breaks up the grass while still remaining aesthetically pleasing.Concrete Bar TopConcrete doesn't come in standard solid grey anymore. You can stain [...]

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Reasons to Replace Your Old Windows in Ferndale, MI

Since replacing windows can be expensive, many people don't feel the need to replace their old windows until they're broken. What people don't realize is that keeping outdated windows can cost more in the long run than replacing them with newer ones. Many of our customers in Oakland County Michigan tell us that had they known this, they would have gotten new windows sooner. Hearing this, we felt the need to educate our readers on the benefits of replacement windows. 1. Lower Utility Bills If you upgrade your old windows to new energy efficient ones, the savings can be huge. [...]

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