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A Roofing Contractor You Can Trust In Oakland County MI

Martino Home Improvements is a Michigan roofing contractor located in Oakland County that you can trust to complete your roof on a timely basis and offer you the best roofing system for your home. Things to think about when hiring a local home improvement or roofing contractor: Is the company licensed and insured as a roofing company? Why? Because most roofers can’t afford the correct insurance and liability to cover the year, hence lower pricing and greater risk… Does the contractor have a commercial building or professional place of business? Because the roofing contractors that operate out of [...]

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What to Consider When Placing Your Home Windows in Berkley, MI

Many people who build new homes tend to have problems when it comes to their windows. The placement of home windows is important as they have many functions and affect the overall look of the house. Below we'll go over what to keep in mind when deciding on window placement. The Purpose of the Room Consider what the room is going to be used for. If it's a living room or office, chances are that you'll have a computer or television in the room. Having a large window or a window in an inconvenient place can create a glare [...]

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Creative Uses for Concrete in Oakland County, Michigan

Concrete is a strong building material, but it's mostly used in boring ways like paving concrete driveways and sidewalks. So, we've gathered some pictures to show how concrete can be used to make some amazing things if you just use a little creativity.Concrete FireplaceThis fireplace is beautiful and smart. Being flame resistant, concrete is a great choice for fireplace construction.Concrete and Grass WalkwayInstead of using big slabs of concrete to create a walkway, this area uses little tiles. This breaks up the grass while still remaining aesthetically pleasing.Concrete Bar TopConcrete doesn't come in standard solid grey anymore. You can stain [...]

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Related Replacements for Michigan Roofs

We talk a lot about roof replacement here at Martino Home Improvements because we feel that it's important for a homeowner to get familiar with the process long before they have to go through it. The more you know about your roofing needs, the harder it is for a company to come along and rip you off. So today, we want to talk about three things that usually need to be replaced when getting a new roof. Hopefully, we'll shed some light on the process so you can hire a roofing contractor with confidence. Gutters In order to replace [...]

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Is Your Sterling Heights Roof Ready for Spring Rains?

The heavy winter storms that we got in Macomb County Michigan this year may have damaged your roof. Many home owners don't notice that anything is wrong until the spring rains come and suddenly there are leaks in the house and backed up gutters. Here are a few things that you can do now to prevent any unpleasant surprises when the storms come. Check Flashings The purpose of flashings is to fill gaps to keep water from getting into your home. Wherever there's something sticking out of your roof like a chimney or pipe, there will be a flashing. [...]

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Michigan Spring Roofing Guide

After a snow-filled winter here in Oakland County Michigan, spring is finally on its way. It's time for taking long walks, gardening, and enjoying the outdoors. It's also time for spring cleaning. While people spend time clearing out their closets and wiping down windows, they tend to neglect more important parts of the home, like their roof. Yes, even your roof needs some attention and maintenance in the spring. Are you up for the task? If so, we at Martino Home Improvements have created a spring roofing guide to help you. Finding damage earlier is the best way to prevent [...]

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Where Your Macomb Home Needs Insulation

Brrr.... it has gotten cold here in Macomb County Michigan. Many of our customers are now seeing the need for insulation as the temperature in their homes drop and the energy bills go up. But where should you insulate? The basic rule is that any surface in your home that's exposed to the outdoors needs insulation. If you add up all the places in your home, this comes out to a lot of insulation. Below we're going to go over insulation for different areas of your home. But first, to determine if you need to add insulation at all, [...]

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Benefits of Home Insulation in Michigan

With the oncoming cold season we here at Martino Home Improvements, are busier than ever installing insulation in homes all around Oakland County and Michigan. Everyone wants to take advantage of a warmer home in the winter and insulation is a great way to do just that. However, attic insulation has more benefits to it than just heating your home in the winter, and those benefits can be huge. 1. Improves Energy Efficiency Insulating a home can save 45-55% of heating/cooling energy. This means big savings for you on your energy bill. 2. Improves Comfort Year-Round Insulation not only keeps [...]

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Window Replacement Tips in Macomb County

Deciding to replace your home windows can be a big and expensive decision. Before you choose new windows and hire contractors, here a few things that you should know. The Frame Stays When you get replacement windows, you're getting new glass and movable parts. However, the framed part of the window stays, as it's difficult to rip out the entire window and get a new construction window. So, you're not getting a completely new window, just new glass and parts. Sometimes Construction Windows Are Needed While it's difficult to rip out entire frame windows, it can be done and sometimes [...]

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Benefits of a New Roof in Warren, MI

A new roof is not an investment that many homeowners want to make. They'd much rather redo the driveway, or paint the outside of the house, something cheap and easy. But there are many benefits to getting a new roof and if done correctly it could last you 50 years or more. So here are the benefits of a new roof replacement. Increased Value A new roof immediately increases the value of your home. It also comes with a high return on investment (the average is 67%). Energy Efficient Over the last couple decades, roofs have become more energy efficient. [...]

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